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"We are a blood bank. We store vaccines. We store reagents. So I need constant electricity." - Edna Aden Ismial, Edna Aden Maternity Hospital

"When the developer was unable to access the water it thwarted his plans. The community wanted to see that the cultural and natural resources were protected." - Colleen Langan, Bernalillo County Open Space

"The best Christian movie I've ever seen. Sincerely." - Roger Ebert, Film Critic

"The number of regular Americans who have waterboarded themselves is small. Some do it out of curiosity, some as a prank. All are voluntarily experimenting with something the U.S. military -- along with most human-rights organizations -- considers torture." - Yochi Dreazen, The Wall Street Journal

"They are testing our worldview. They just drop a few ideas in and see how civilizations respond." - Paul Laffoley, Boston Visionary Cell