Movies that have been recognized by critics, journalists, and festivals.


15 minute Documentary, 2010

Aldo Leopold Legacy Film Series Selection presented by the Albuquerque Film Festival and Bernalillo County Open Space. Documentary presents the 14 principles of Ugandan permanent agriculture.

Learn more about Permaculture techniques.

The Revealed Truth

70 minute Ethnography, 2010

Featured on the film critic Roger Ebert’s Twitter feed @ebertchicago where it was given a favorable review. A rural passion play filmed on-location in Kiwangala, Uganda. Luganda with English subtitles.

Watch the entire movie and read the accompanying blog posts.

World AIDS Day Uganda

7 minute Video, 2009

Screened in observance of the day at Peace Corps Headquarters, Washington D.C. Collaborated with an orphans’ music and drama group to tell the story of HIV/AIDS in Southern Uganda.

Read more about my Peace Corps experience.

I Waterboarded Myself

4 minute Viral Video, 2007

Featured in front-page Wall Street Journal story by Yochi Dreazen, January 31, 2008. The video and accompanying blog post advocated banning the practice as a form of torture.

My rationalization for undergoing torture.

The Mad One

124 minute documentary, 2005

Screened at the 2006 American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Conference, San Diego. Visionary artist and architect Paul Laffoley has designed a time machine, homes made out of vegetables, and a proposal for the next World Trade Center.

Watch the entire movie.

The rest of my movies can be found on my YouTube and Vimeo accounts.

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