Last year a network of village churches called The Shepherd’s Fellowship performed a passion play on the life of Jesus Christ in Southern Uganda.  It was titled The Revealed Truth.  The pastors asked me to videotape the event and the clip above is from the crucifixion scene. I’ve posted the finished movie online and written down my observations about the production process.  The result is a nine part blog series that takes an in-depth look at the The Revealed Truth and how rural Ugandan culture influenced the making of the film. The movie is about an hour long but I’ve broken it down into 5 to 10 minute blog-size episodes.  Over the summer, the film critic Roger Ebert came across the movie and gave it a favorable review.

Below are links to the movie and the accompanying blog posts.

The Revealed Truth: An Introduction

Part 1: Shepherds and Fishermen

Part 2: Cross Culture Shock

Part 3: Good Samaritans

Part 4: Let the Little Children Come to Me

Part 5: The Last Supper

Part 6: Mob Justice

Part 7: The Crucifixion

Part 8: The Resurrection

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  1. Hillery Ingram-Smith

    Hello Jon Piere
    I am Hillery, the person who brought the Revealed Truth to Uganda. Please would you email me with you contact details as I would love to have a copy of the DVD with the sub-titles. My email address is
    With best wishes

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